New Balance’s self-explanatory Made In England collection is always an absolute winner, but what makes them way nicer for us is that they’re all made less than an hour’s drive from our Ulverston base, up the coast in Flimby. 

No, these pictures aren’t taken near Flimby, we actually went the opposite direction. We wanted to take a wander around the Christmas wasteland, now everyone’s cut down and knocked back up their trees. There’s something eerie about a misty ex-forest. More trees will be planted soon, but in the meantime, this is a great set for a horror movie. 

Wearing only trainers is frowned upon, even in the liberal climate of the Lakes, so we thought we’d best put on some clothes too, and we landed on some lovely, heavyweight jackets from American-Japanese outerwear label Manastash.

Their Mt. Gorilla is an absolute belter, and the Y2K Reversible Hoodie packs some proper warmth. We rate them both 10/10.

Check out NB’s 577, one of our favourites, along with the rest of their collection if you fancy a fresh set of kicks. 

And Manastash for a new addition to your jacket collection.