When it comes to a warm but lightweight fleece, a grippy mesh trainer or a proper comfy tee, look no further than Columbia Sportswear. 

With over 80 years of experience making outdoor kit, they’ve become a top choice for anyone interest in fun mountain-based activities – like us, finding anything climbable on a walk and going at it.

Suited and Booted

The climbable obstacle this week was a rather daunting rock face. We got maybe, half way up? Then got a bit psyched out.   

To be fair, it’s a testament to how unfit we are at W.C.H. that we sweated more trying to hike up to the rock than we did whilst climbing it. It’s also a testament to how warm Columbia’s fleeces are, because it was absolutely freezing in the Lakes over the weekend.

Sunshine provides false hope of warm weather.

Tread on Them
Afterwards we noticed a significantly easier route
The real star of the show