SS24 gear is tipping up in full force now and so far, we’ve seen a plethora of colourful shirts and shorts. For this week’s shoot, we decided to grab a handful of our favourite pieces and journeyed into the Lakes for the weekly frolic.

Have we jumped the gun a little? Probably, but the weather gods blessed us with some heat, so we decided to head to Banishead Quarry for a quick dip. Armed with some of the best Summer styles from EdwinPercivalForet and Anerkjendt, we set off on the short hike up to our designated base camp, in the hope of catching some magic. Of course, once we found the pool of destiny, a baptism was clearly on the cards.

The first look, worn by warehouse guru, Tom, consisted of the Edwin Hedi And Thami Shirt, a pair of Anerkjendt Akshark Swim Shorts in Caviar, a WCH Twill Cap in Light Blue, and finally a set of the A.Kjaerbede Zan Sunglasses in Grey Transparent.

The second look, donned by yours truly, featured the Percival Floral Boxy Clerk Shirt, a WCH Basic Organic Tee in White, a pair of Foret Away Swim Shorts in Stone and finally a pair of A.Kjaerbede Kaya Sunglasses in Smoke Transparent.

Along our journey, we learnt that certain species of snails can swim, using the buoyancy of their shells to crawl along the underside of the water. How’s that for some learning?

More and more SS24 products are hitting the site as we speak, so keep your wits about you! 

Also, for anyone wondering about a WCH baptism, it’s buy one, get one free during Summer.


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