Kappy Design is a lifestyle brand born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. They create clothing designed to last, with a firm focus on constructing pieces that are sizeless, genderless and timeless.

  • Sizeless: creating a natural silhouette regardless of the body shape, each garment comes in ‘one size fits all’ designed to fit sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • Genderless: promoting a gender-free, comfortable mood within their creations.
  • Timeless: crafting garments with a value that won’t change over time, to be worn and enjoyed repeatedly.

Kappy is a new brand for us at WCH and we think it should be a breeze. Imagine seeing an item of clothing you like and just paying for it because it only comes in one size. Far too easy!

You might think the whole concept is mad but trust the process. Tom, Kara and I are all different sizes, so the images we’ve used will hopefully demonstrate how the clothing fits each of us.

We also decided to swap outfits throughout, which might get a little confusing, but again, it’s to help demonstrate that these styles are unisex and fit each of us differently. 

The One Tuck Wide Fatigue Half Pants in Khaki feature an elasticated waistband that stretches to fit almost any waist size.  They have a zip-fly with button closure, belt loops and a four-pocket design. The Two Tuck Wide Fatigue Half Pants in Black have a webbed adjustable belt and again, a four-pocket design. The Sunshine T Shirt in Cream is made from 100% cotton and features a ribbed crewneck with graphic printing to the chest and rear. Finally, the Sunrise Utility Half Shirt in Brick is crafted from a quick-drying cotton-nylon blend, that has been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. 

We also took the Sunrise Ball Cap in Mint and Blue but these are just regular caps, so I don’t think you need too much of a rundown here. Plus, you’ve probably already had enough by this point.

If you’re unsure, I understand. I was a little sceptical at first too, but give an item a whirl and see what you think. 

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