Founded in France in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc David, Hoka was originally embraced by ultramarathon runners due to their cushioning and minimal weight. The Hoka running shoes, which provided more cushioning from the oversized outsole than any other running shoe on the market at the time, were created when the founders decided they wanted to design a shoe that would allow them to run faster downhill.

New Year, new me. We’ve all said it in the past! This year, a few of the WCH team have taken up running, so what better brand to natter about than Hoka? Their unique aesthetic has dominated the running and lifestyle world, gaining the respect of some well-known heads such as Adam Sandler, Harry Styles, Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz.

We decided there was no need to actually run for this shoot, as Tom and I had already batted out a 5k in the morning, so that’d just be showing off. We thought we’d showcase the brand in a different light and team it up with some everyday outfits. 

Tom opted for the Clifton 9 Gore-Tex in Black Diva Blue. These are a little in-your-face, but at least you’ll stand out from the crowd! In my opinion, the Clifton is probably the most popular all-around style. They’re lightweight, they handle the terrain super well and don’t look too techy, so I can see why a lot of folk choose to wear this silhouette on the regular. Adding a Gore-Tex membrane in the mix should really cement your purchasing decision!

I decided on the Bondi 8 in Olive Haze Mercury. The Bondi is more cushioned than the Clifton, which takes more stress off your legs and makes long runs feel more comfortable. These shoes do look slightly more technical but still look good in that everyday, casual outfit. The Bondi is my favourite silhouette and that’s pretty much down to the above. Its ability to do what it needs to do while looking so different to anything else on the market is a real winner for me. 

If you’re new to the brand, I’d recommend either the Bondi or the Clifton, as we feel these are neck and neck in the best style from the brand. The weight, cushioning and fit are all absolutely spot on, making both silhouettes the ideal all-around lifestyle runner.

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