A few years back my head melted in a mix of anxiety, OCD plus a big helping of guilt was hanging over me. I knew why my head was there and I knew it was “fake”, it wasn’t real.
My emotions didn’t fit my brain and my brain couldn’t get on top of my emotions. My whole body, head, heart and soul were fighting. It was pure torment and the thing was, I was doing it to myself.

I’m all good now, things have fixed up. It took about 24 months, a good therapist and some beautiful humans for love and support. At the start of my trip to recovery, a few of my mates got a hold of me and said “they had me”… “it would get better”. They said that “they loved me”. It was the start of regaining some sanity, it stopped me going over the fucking edge and helped guide me back towards the person I had been before all of this.

That’s the inspiration for the Novesta x Working Class Heroes
“Tell your friends you love them” Star Master.
If you need support, go get it. If you think your mates need a hand, give them a shout.

If you need some shoes, buy these, they’re the fucking business.

Tom Bowden

Head Buyer, WCH


Back in April, we launched our collaboration with Novesta on the Star Master Shoe in Brown Cord. We’ve decided to treat you lucky lot to another colour! 

Tell your friends you love them is a message very close to our hearts here at WCH HQ and this shoe has been crafted to spread the word, and of course, give you yet another banging pair of kicks to wear this summer. Our version of the Star Master has been crafted with some dead-smart corduroy uppers, this time in black. The vulcanised rubber outsole features a grippy tread, tried and tested on the old cobbles of Ulverston after a few tins. ‘Tell your friends you love them’ is printed throughout the cotton canvas tongue and insole, a subtle touch.

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