Arc’teryx was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1989 with the name and logo based on the Archaeopteryx – the earliest known bird. The company’s aim was to create high-quality and stylish products to be used for outdoor activities such as climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and any other recreational outdoor activity you can think of.  Over time the company has expanded and evolved, using newer and newer technology for its products to ensure that its garments are extremely well-suited to their purpose.

Believe it or not, we were invited to the Arc’teryx Climb Academy, which took place just up the road from our HQ in Ulverston. I say believe it or not, because the behaviour of our guys and gals can often be questionable. 

Andy, Matty and Kara (and of course chief photographer, Kappa) headed out to Sticklebarn pub in the Langdales and got kitted out with some Arc’teryx climbing gear and some appropriate footwear. The morning consisted of bouldering – a style of climbing done on smaller rock formations, without the use of a harness or ropes. The guys and gals were taught the basics of body movement and balancing before they were set loose on the rocks. A crash mat was placed at the foot of the formation to avoid any nasty dismounts.

The afternoon consisted of a single-pitch top-rope climb. A top-rope climb is only possible on a single pitch-pitch route. The rope is passed through the anchor rope at the top, and then the belayer holds the other end of the rope from the ground. First and foremost, the team were shown how to do a figure 8 knot and how to belay, before they were set loose on the bigger rock formation.

After we’d had a go on the rocks we….. (not sure what you guys did here)

It’s great when we’re given the opportunity to do something that isn’t product-heavy, so we really appreciate being given the chance to try something different.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Arc’teryx and all the guides who showed us the ropes. Cheers guys! 

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