If you every want a good, pocketed, boxy, lightweight jacket which looks the business and serves you well on a vertical gander, then look no further than Korea’s Uniform Bridge.

We’ve gone on about UB’s jackets and ready-to-wear jersey pieces a few times now, and we’re going on about them again.

Their jackets have pockets for days, they do some lovely heavyweight tees which we rate to skate in, and lightweight technical pants with loads of room for kicking, climbing and office yoga. 

The ASOS Hand pose

It’s gone dead cold all of a sudden, and we needed some wind-resistant jackets for a hike up some hill deep in the Lakes which we’ve never been to before. No idea what it’s called. We found a tarn. Nearly fell in. Got blown over. 10/10. 

New Addition to Mushrooms Of WCH

Right, now get ready for the weird faces of Warehouse Mache (otherwise known as Handsome Tom).

Photoshop Opportunity
This One?
Blue Steel