Adolf Dassler, or Adi to his mates, started to produce footwear back in the 1920s. After WW1, Adi was joined by his brother Rudolf and the company embarked on their mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment. Flash forward to today and the brand has branched out into a variety of different sports, including the range we stock; skateboarding.

For those who keep up to date with the inner workings of WCH, you may notice we like to get two newsletters out of one. This isn’t because we’re lazy, but it does mean we get more time in the warm office.

Following on from our PMO SS24 newsletter, we decided adidas would be our footwear of choice. SS24 is off to a flying start from Die Weltmarke Mit Den Drei Streifen, so let’s get stuck in!

I’m fairly sure you’ll be familiar with both of these silhouettes. The first pair is pro skater, Kader Sylla’s spin on the Samba ADV. The Samba’s vintage roots can be traced back to 1950, but the style we see today was officially launched in 1972.

The second pair featured in this shoot is the Gazelle ADV in Black, White and Gold. What a classic! The Gazelle has grown in popularity since the 60s and looks the business today as part of the Skateboarding range.

With these first few deliveries now online, we already can’t wait to see the rest of SS24!

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