We’re back in the woodlands again for some 1% For The Planet work. The grind don’t stop! 

This week, our task was to build a fence around the area we coppiced, to ensure the old shrubs are untouched and can flourish in the forest. The weather was grim but the mood was high, so we got to work assisting the Coppice Co-op and Cumbria Woodlands.

Step one was to work out the area which needed to be fenced off. Once this was clear, we needed to place fence posts in the corners, using existing trees as anchors. The second step was to place fence posts between the corner points, ensuring we were running in a straight line. A good old-fashioned ‘shut one eye and line her up’ seemed to do the trick.

Step three was to add wire to the top and bottom of the fence posts, then use a tensioner to pull the wire tight. Finally, we rolled out the fence netting and attached it to the wire to complete the fence. Quite an easy task for the lads who were kitted out in waterproofs, but our Tom decided a lightweight windbreaker would suffice. Oh Thomas, how foolish you were. 

By fencing off areas of the forest, it means deer and other species are kept out, allowing a wider range of plants to flourish.

We’re working closely with 1% For The Planet, Patagonia, The Coppice Co-op and Cumbria Woodlands to improve the health and biodiversity of our local woodland and learn more about the environmental issues a forest can endure. 

If you didn’t know, we donate 1% of all Patagonia revenue towards environmental solutions, close to home.

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