Whilst the upper classes dress down to go out, the working class dress up.

Dating back to the second half of the 19th century, and ever since, sub-cultures have been created and driven almost exclusively by those in the working class communities. Starting with the Scuttlers of Manchester in the 1870's and their monotony towards life in the slums, advancing through to the Teddy Boys, Mods and Rockers era of the 50's, through to the Punk and Skin scenes, Ska, Reggae, the 80's and 90's skate scene, right up to today's contemporary minimalism. They were all the brainchild of those fighting for an identity - an identity that correlates conclusively with fashion - so it makes sense to call these people heroes.

With this premise as his inspiration, Working Class Heroes was founded in 2006 by Thomas Bowden. The initial intent was to sell a range of skate and street clothing from all around the globe to the good people of Ulverston, Cumbria, from his tiny shop in a shady looking alleyway. Since 2006 the company has moved to a bigger, better, less creepy location, sweeping up new brands, stories and people along the way.

Our ranges of footwear, clothing and homeware is comprised of a brand mix that appeals to us. Not one that follows a particular genre or alignment, but one that we feel goes together, blurring the lines between distinctions and classifications in order to create something beautiful. 

40-44 Market StreetUlverston Cumbria LA12 7LS


Ben Eine's street collection

New Addition

Ben Eine's street collection.

A new addition to our family, the clothing range from famous graffiti artist and clothing designer Ben Eine has finally arrived - and we're VERY excited.

Eine's work is most notable for his alphabet lettering which he sprays on shop shutters around London's Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Broadway Market areas, as well as Hastings and Newcastle upon Tyne. His artwork can also be seen around Europe on the streets of Paris and Stockholm.

Ben's work began by spraying his unusual 'throw up' tags around the underground London graffiti scene. This artwork stood out from the usual tags and dubs that were seen on the street, and his original art can still be seen around some dingy areas of East London. As his popularity grew, he moved into more commercial graffiti and began working from a workshop above the Dragon Bar on Leonard Street, London (since demolished). It was here he began designing his custom clothing.

This clothing has evolved into the new range of tees that we now stock. An amazing selection, they feature his iconic lettering, printed onto some top quality cotton jerseys which help to elevate classic streetwear to new lofty heights. You can expect to see Eine all over our social media and in our Spring and Summer lookbooks. Keep your eye out.

Ecological Sneaks from Veja

Fair Trade Certified

Ecological Sneaks from Veja

In the Working Class Team we believe that sustainability is key for a clothing and shoe company, due to both quality obligations to the customer, and moral obligations to Mother Earth. This is often the case for outdoor brands, many of whom use Bluesign approved materials - a signature that guarantees the fabrics used are both beneficial to the worker and to the planet, and this sign often comes hand in hand with incredible technical materials.

Others have gone one step further to ensure that garments use Fair Trade Certified sewing which helps to develop a closer and more respectful relationship with manufacturers. For outdoor companies this obligation makes a lot of sense, but the ideals of sustainability have roots in more fashion-central brands as well.

The Veja seed began to bud in 2004 when the founders, Sé bastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, met with Brazilian organic cotton farmers and wild rubber tappers in the Amazon. This helped them establish a production chain in South America that provided them with quality materials and provided local workers with reliable business. With the materials in place they began designing and in 2005 Veja blossomed, released onto the Parisian fashion scene. Their shoes include some amazing leather and mesh uppers on their signature soles and they have some incredible colour schemes.

Now for over a decade they have been creating new models of smart trainers with definite running and tennis influence. Their trainers are fully equipped with an original 'V' logo and a solid minimalist style that's built to last, and look great when paired with all kinds of bottoms from jeans and chinos to shorts and maybe nothing at all, depending on how much of a naturalist you are.

The last of the Winter Snow - the first of the Summer Rains

distinction and desirability

The last of the Winter Snow - the first of the Summer Rains

We've just had a little bit of a snow storm. All winter we haven't seen a bit of snow on our peninsula. Further up into the lakes the snow has been causing a bit of havoc, but from our shop window we haven't seen a peep. It's a funny thing, photographing, modelling, copywriting and buying spring gear when out of the office window we're watching our first real snowfall in over a year.

Luckily for us it timed perfectly with our Rains drop. Founded by two Danish students back in 2012, they developed a brand that can turn even the grayest of days into a celebration of fashion. 100% waterproof jackets that combine that simplistic, minimalist Denmark vibe with a little sportswear influence and some classic silhouettes makes for a wonderful concoction. The rain doesn't seem so dull and ghastly when you're completely dry and look incredible. If anything it makes you feel better. Of course you also have to maintain that cool, calm melancholy vibe and sing some Dido as well. If it gets a bit street and Eminem joins in, so be it.

Though we're currently using Rains to fight off snowflakes, you know how our British summers can get. Whether you're doing some early planning for your festival prep or just in the market for a good, breathable jacket to fight off moisture on your daily commute, hit up our Rains selections here. The ranges consist of Coach Jackets for an Americana mood, the Camp Anoraks bring a more parka-length classic raincoat sensation and of course we have some of Rains' iconic button and zip-ups.

An update: the snow has melted. It's sunny now. Bring on the rain!

distinction and desirability

Les Basics: Utilité Moderne

distinction and desirability

Les Basics: Utilité Moderne

A spring chicken to the farmhouse of contemporary fashion, Les Basics began as a concept which was grown in our very own capital. The London-based design house set out with a very clear goal: 'to elevate core menswear staples to garments of distinction and desirability.' This mindset has allowed them to grow like a flower in the European fashion market. A quick blossoming, seeing as they were only established in 2016.

Their clothing is only an understatement in a visual sense. The minimal aesthetic is offset by the quality of the physical design. All of Les Basics' garments are manufactured in Portugal. The high levels of condition and care that go into Iberian-made clothing is something that many brands are starting to realize and drift towards. What's the point in a logo if it's just going to come straight off?

The SS18 lookbook from Les Basics achieves everything that they aimed for with quality fabrications and focus on colour palette. Our slim range includes a set of tee's with both long and short sleeves which work as a foundation from which you can build your outfit up from. They use 100% cotton mesh to flaunt their strong sportswear influences, and the Le Tee Sweat blurs the lines between tee and sweater with raglan sleeves and a mix of reverse weave and loopback fabrics which offer a blend of durability and ease of movement


Alpha Industries x The Cords & Co


Alpha Industries x The Cords & Co

Alpha Industries was founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. They began as a contractor for the United States military making flight jackets and vests with some of the latest advancements in functional fabrics (back then, anyway). Some real working class heroes, they began making their jackets with only a few employees using some leased sewing machines, but the company found massive expansion when the army demanded a higher level of quality control for their garments, and Alpha were one of the few able to maintain the constitution in their jackets that fighter pilots needed. The MA-1 Bomber became the official flight jacket of the Air Force with its durable polyester shell and fireproof nylon canvas.

We've seen the MA-1 take many shapes and styles in recent years, most notable for us being the collaboration last year with our Australian friends at Deus Ex Machina. Finally though, some Brits have got their gentlemanly hands on the bomber, and The Cords & Co have combined the classic silhouette with their own character and style with a quality corduroy construction - another step in the right direction for their quest to resurrect corduroy from the deep dark depths of the 70's.

The Cords' variation of the jacket keeps the general shape very much in tact with the baggy arms and torso, hip-length hem and the extremely ribbed cuffs and bomber neckline. The shell is made from a thick 8-wale cord for comfortable flexibility, and the lining is a durable and lightweight nylon. The zip-up front has an Alpha-branded zipper and it features two handwarmers with popper-closure. To the zip-up arm pocket you'll see Alpha's iconic 'Remove Before Flight' detailing... And the Cords have taken the liberty of making their own tag as well.

Similar details apply to a less traditional jacket from Alpha Industries. The second jacket, a massive winterized parka, includes the same traditional styling such as the arm pocket with branded tags and the same flexible, thick 8 wale. The jackets value is increased with the 4-pocket style for more storage capabilities for a longer day out. It also has an awesome warm fur-lined hood, a zip and button-up storm flap front and ribbed, concealed cuffs.

Both jackets are a limited-edition, so of course so if you want one then snatch it up quickly. With a tough, military bomber and a heavyweight parka for an Antarctic cityscape, they'll both look mint with your 'cool dad', "let me tell you the history behind Alpha", "do you even know what 'wale' stands for?" persona.

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