Le Coq Sportif

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Le Coq Sportif

Back in 1882, Emile Camuset opened a hosiery store in Romilly-sur-Sein in France. Emile was absolutely mad about sport, so he started making sports clothing and jerseys. The very first jersey specifically made for cyclists was created in 1929. 10 years after this, Le Coq Sportif invented the sweat suit, or as the French liked to call it; 'the Sunday uniform'. 

It wasn't long after this, that Le Coq Sportif were asked to provide the offical jerseys of the Tour de France - a huge achievement for Emile and team! From this, the compnay went from strength to strength. Both the national football and olympic teams wore Le Coq Sportif uniforms during the '58 world cup (which France won) and 1960 Olympic games. 

The list of teams and athlethes Le Coq Sportif have supplied and supported over the years goes on. Today, the brand produces a huge line of clothing - from sporting, to everyday and casual wear.

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