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We are not a massive corporate site. We are not owned by a group of executive directors that have little contact with customers. We order stock, photograph it, pack it and then dispatch it. We are here to deal with your enquiries, feedback and provide you with a personal service ensuring that you get the products you want on time every time.

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Fourstar Skateboard Clothing drops at Working Class Heroes

   Words by James Steel

   on 01/05/2014 20:06:42

Fourstar Skateboard Clothing

“The year was 1996, Guy Mariano and I had no clothing sponsors, and at that point in our lives we had purchased enough Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica gear to think, hey, maybe we should start a clothing company. Little did we know that being shop-a-holics wasn’t quite enough to make us clothing designers, but our influence and ideas were and we got Fourstar off the ground and running. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy but it has been a great learning experience. It’s given us the opportunity to create one of the greatest teams in skateboarding and not just because of their talents, but who they are as human beings. It’s built such great relationships between everyone that’s been a part of Fourstar. The trips we’ve taken have been some of the best times of my life. It’s now 15 years later and those clothing brands that influenced us in the beginning are no longer relevant to our industry. Yet Fourstar is still here and I believe very relevant to what’s important to us...and that’s skateboarding.”

… Eric Koston

“I’ve always felt that skateboarders’ style has had a big influence on fashion. A lot of the popular brands back in the 90’s were cool but were starting to fall off. I got tired of wearing logos and brands I didn’t really believe in. Eric and I had been friends for a while and became really close during the filming of the Mouse video. One day, we said ... fuck it ... let’s do our own thing. Let’s create something for us, for skaters. We wanted it to be part of the Girl family, owned and run by skaters. Lance Mountain shot our first ad campaign. I even shot a sequence of Eric. We started out making some funky stuff like mesh jersey shirts and nylon pants but that was the shit back then. Now 15 years later I’m proud to say that we’ve found our groove. I’m grateful for all the riders and people who have helped build Fourstar through the years as well as our current team for carrying on the tradition of why we did this.”

… Guy Mariano

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