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DFG–Dickies Fixed Gear in Collaboration with Fixed Gear London

   Words by wchBlog

   on 28/01/2014 14:37:34

Dickies have got one of the best reputations going for producing high quality, functional and fresh looking clothing, their work specific gear looks great and their fashion side lasts forever.  Skaters and riders a like have been using Dickies as a go to brand for years, but this season they have most definitely upped their game and produced some even more specific items, this time specifically for the fixie market.  Dickies have collaborated with Fixie Guru Andy Ellis from Fixed Gear London to create some new product as well as tailoring some much loved Dickies classics to the fixed gear market.  The fixed gear bike in it’s essence is a subtle, understated thing, for the most part and Dickies have tried to replicate this in their DFG branding and design, which to the non discerning eye could be easy to miss, they have struck a chord between form and function, because at the end of the day, Dickies are built to work. 
I’m looking forward to getting this gear in and giving it a spin on the mean streets of Ulverston.

“If you take anything away it ceases to function and if you add anything to a fixed gear bike it becomes superfluous”
Andy Ellis

Right, I’m off riding,