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Coal Headwear

   Words by Steph

   on 10/10/2012 14:53:56

Coal Headwear is a relatively new company compared most skate, snowboard brands, formed back in 2002 Portland, Oregon. Coal Headwear focus predominantly on just one thing, yes you guessed it they make hats. Their range of hats is extensive from caps and snapbacks, men’s hats, ladies hats, unisex hats. Flat caps, beanies, flap hats, bobble hats, peaked hats, reversible hats, summer hats, winter hats, ski and snowboard hats the list goes on.

The ethos behind every Coal Headwear product is to produce headwear that does a little more than just keep your ears warm. Coal hats are made with the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship, combining form and function to create headwear that seeks to reflect the individual that wears it. Not bad for a woolly hat, eh?

Coal Headwear’s mission is to make hats more than just an accessory, but a focal point of style, quality and expertise.

Coal seeks inspiration from the skateboard and snowboard scene, which seems like a sensible thing to do. But many other companies also find their inspiration for products there to. Nothing wrong with that, it is a great scene combining athleticism, creativity and balls of steel; it would be difficult not to be motivated by these sports. But Coal is much more than just a hat company so where does it go to find the drive behind its designs? All over is seems. Coal Headwear note their muses far and wide from sport, to culture to beards, yes beards, 501 jeans, Vans, anything orange, Radiohead, fail blog, Tokyo, big trees, caffeine, old records, pirates and shiny things amongst others. I can’t think of any company that would take all that into consideration when designing a hat. But Coal does and you can tell as their hats are better looking, better made, more creative and stylish than most others hands down.

Coal has now moved to Seattle, Washington and over the last decade has stayed true to their roots. Their first release of knitted headwear back in 2002 was produced with the above considerations in mind and made for their friends. They still do this today, so who are the close friends of Coal Headwear that are so inspiring?

Most notably would be Mikey Leblanc who rose to snowboard fame with Mack Dawg Production’s late 1990’s videos and who continuously pushes him and the boundaries of snowboarding. Double flip, 18 foot to flat stair drops, taking mountain riding to the streets done with 100% passion and sometimes a little anger. Mikey is also the co-owner and founder of Holden, a snowboard inspired clothing company. You think you know awesome snowboard jackets, check out the Holden range. It is different and it’s awesome like no others in the business. Mikey Leblanc’s riding style and outlook always reminds me of Mike Valley of Powell Peralta fame and now Elephant Skateboards. Anyway I digress, back to the point.

Then there is the heavily tattooed Santa Cruz rider Jon Kooley who also represents Coal Headwear. He brings his no nonsense, rail shredding, motor bike riding and freestyle attitude to the Coal stable.

Other inspirational characters that add to the blend at Coal Headwear are Jess Kimura from Peep Show Films, Laura Hadar from Captia Snowboards and the truly inspirational Amy Purdey: snowboarder, skater, wake boarder, model and double leg amputee.

When you bring all this together how can it just be a hat. It just can’t. It is more than that and this is how Coal achieves their ambition of creating accessories that really can reflect the style and character of the wearer. It helps that the range if pretty big to. You can go basic with the The Solid Frena an oversize hat in block colour. If you want a bit more colour there is the The Frena which is striped and can also be cuffed if you’re not feeling the oversized look. The Waffle in a whole load of colours with its oversized fit and cable knit is a winner for the girls and guys alike. The Lewis is the stripped version of The Waffle. Want to represent and let everyone know you are rocking Coal then go for The Team with a bobble and oversized logo everyone will know which side your bread is buttered. Go under the radar with the quality that is The Parks or get noticed in the fluorescent Reverse with removable bobble. Keep it old school with a 70’s alpine flavour and rock The Airbear.

That is just a fraction of what they do, so check the site and let us know what you think. You will like what you see.