Whilst the upper classes dress down to go out, the working class dress up.

Dating back to the second half of the 19th century, and ever since, sub-cultures have been created and driven almost exclusively by those in the working class communities. Starting with the Scuttlers of Manchester in the 1870's and their monotony towards life in the slums, advancing through to the Teddy Boys, Mods and Rockers era of the 50's, through to the Punk and Skin scenes, Ska, Reggae, the 80's and 90's skate scene, right up to today's contemporary minimalism. They were all the brainchild of those fighting for an identity - an identity that correlates conclusively with fashion - so it makes sense to call these people heroes.

With this premise as his inspiration, Working Class Heroes was founded in 2006 by Thomas Bowden. The initial intent was to sell a range of skate and street clothing from all around the globe to the good people of Ulverston, Cumbria, from his tiny shop in a shady looking alleyway. Since 2006 the company has moved to a bigger, better, less creepy location, sweeping up new brands, stories and people along the way.

Our ranges of footwear, clothing and homeware is comprised of a brand mix that appeals to us. Not one that follows a particular genre or alignment, but one that we feel goes together, blurring the lines between distinctions and classifications in order to create something beautiful. 

40-44 Market StreetUlverston Cumbria LA12 7LS

Chima Ferguson is a boss man

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Chima Ferguson is a boss man

The latest hot release from Vans is the second shoe from Chima Ferguson, appropriately named the Chima Pro 2. No messing about there. From the side it looks very similar to an Old Skool, just with added details such as a large toe bumper and some new stitching between the panels. When skating smoothly, the key in a shoe is support and stability. The new insole in the Chima Pro 2 is a sockliner made from Vans' standard UltraCush. This new model is the UltraCush Lite3D which provides the usual shock-absorption capabilities that we see in all Pro shoes, however they've inserted a plastic inset into the insole which moulds itself around the heel and midfoot which creates some amazing stability as appropriate for recreational skaters as it is for the pro's. Along with the shoes, Vans are releasing some garments. Nothing too much, we have a few tees that look the bomb and are filled with simple graphics. Why overdo it, you know?

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