Alpha Males wear Corduroy

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Alpha Males wear Corduroy

Alpha Industries was founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. They began as a contractor for the United States military making flight jackets and vests with some of the latest advancements in functional fabrics (back then, anyway). Some real working class heroes, they began making their jackets with only a few employees using some leased sewing machines, but the company found massive expansion when the army demanded a higher level of quality control for their garments, and Alpha were one of the few able to maintain the constitution in their jackets that pilots needed. The MA-1 Bomber became the official flight jacket of the Air Force with its durable polyester and fireproof nylon canvas. The Cords and Co. are more recent to the garment scene... As in, completely new. Their modern attempt at rejuvenating the classic material is going well, and so why not team up with a quality company with a rich heritage. The range consists of the classic bomber, as well as a big winter parka - the N-3B. Both perfect for making a heavy wale statement, they are a limited edition, so snatch them up quickly.

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