The new creations of Champion x Beams

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The new creations of Champion x Beams

The legend of Champion is coming up to its 100th birthday. Founded in 1919, the sportswear brand was originally conceived and based in Rochester, New York. The founding Feinbloom brothers originally produced professional sports clothing such as the uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines, as well as for the US Military Academy. Throughout the 80's and 90's they developed clothing for both the NFL and NBA, further cementing themselves into the golden era for sportswear, now making a comeback under the title of "vintage", though we like to think that Champion never left. Alternatively, Beams' heritage revolves less around the ditty gritty history of the sports world, and is instead derived more from luxurious yet affordable lifestyle clothing out of Japan, established in 1976. Headquartered in Japan, they also run bases in the world's biggest fashion cities - London, New York, Milan and Paris. These stores aren't limited to garments either. They stock interior goods, furniture and gallery artwork as well to help promote the Beams way of life. Despite their vastly differing stories, these two brands come together to compliment each other perfectly with their latest collaboration. Taking the iconic durability of Champion's reverse weave, we've selected some amazing t-shirts that combine the emblematic embroidered Champion logo with some contemporary design notes from Japan, which comes in the form of an original print and some avant-garde chest pockets.

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