Working Class Heroes was set up in 2006 with a mission to sell select men's street wear from around the globe to the good people of Ulverston, Cumbria. We still hold this close to our hearts but now aim to reach slightly further a field with our website.

We are not a massive corporate site. We are not owned by a group of executive directors that have little contact with customers. We order stock, photograph it, pack it and then dispatch it. We are here to deal with your enquiries, feedback and provide you with a personal service ensuring that you get the products you want on time every time.

If you call the shop you will speak to Tom, Rob, Adam or Edd. Let us know what you think, because we care!

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Latest News & Updates at Working Class Heroes

Cruising through the Bronx’s concrete jungle, fresh clobber on, owning the streets where you grew up. Sounds like a dream come true for Adidas Pro, Tyshawn Jones, Na-Kel Smith, and NYC’s infamous dirt bike crew.     Hardies Hardware – dreamt up by Adidas Skate Pros, Tyshawn Jones & Na-Kel Smith, have probably.... More

Adidas x Hardies–LTD Capsule Collection

AdamOuch | 02/02/2017 17:07:32

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We are looking for someone to join the team at Working Class Heroes. Based in Ulverston, Cumbria, we sell men's clothing in-store and on-line. We’re a growing company looking for committed team members who want to develop, we’ve tripled our turnover in the last four years and this is a.... More

Working Class Heroes is RECRUITING – Warehouse and Retail Team Member

AdamOuch | 24/01/2017 14:18:46

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Nothing beats the hiss of opening the first bottle of the night. Or second. Or fifth. But I’m quickly growing tired of opening bottles with my teeth, or the top of a baby’s head.   What if, one day, you could crack an ice cold Cobra with a rusted, cast iron anchor? I’d say.... More

Really Good Goodies–Men’s Society

AdamOuch | 20/11/2016 12:32:48

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What an amazing thought – that the whole world could unite over socks. And if we were to ever rejoice over an abundance of socks, it would be Stance that paved the way.     Considering Christmas is looming like the four horsemen of the apocalypse – maybe we could do well, finding comfort.... More

Stance–Socks For Everyone

AdamOuch | 06/11/2016 15:46:14

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This year marks our tenth birthday, we have learned a lot along the way…including how to throw a party! On the 12th of November we will be taking over the Sun Inn of Ulverston to do what we do best which is of course partying, drinking beer and having fun.  .... More

Working Class Heroes 10th Birthday Party feat. NU:TONE from Hospital Records. Join us! #10FCKNYRS

AdamOuch | 01/11/2016 14:01:59

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Adam has been swearing a lot more than usual. At first we thought he’d hit that ‘middle’ point in his life, when he buys himself a Mazda MX5 and gets his ear pierced. But now we know the real reason – he was saving up for a Red Label jacket. His swear jar is full as shit. .... More

TNF - Red Label Goodness

AdamOuch | 30/10/2016 14:15:34

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  This perfectly crafted video from The Critical Slide Society embodies everything about the free spirited nature of the surfing world. It sets out to showcase the autumn wear, but instead illustrates our necessity for little more than a group of pals, a few unconventional ideas and a plank of sanded wood.   .... More

TCSS: The Aptly Named Freedom Sliders

AdamOuch | 23/10/2016 15:24:27

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  Like any fine wine, we naturally get better with age. Think Cherry Lambrini, or Blossom Hill’s Zinfandel. But that’s enough talk of booze, we’ve grown up. We’re 10!     Yeah, we struggled too. However, we came up with a collaboration which comes in a close second, to.... More

10 Years Later– Still Clueless

AdamOuch | 23/10/2016 13:18:37

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Remember when they used to put toys in cereal boxes? And do you remember when you went abroad for your jollies, and they’d have much better toys and you’d be gutted that you couldn’t get them in the UK? No? Just me then.     The reason I ask, is that in my adulthood,.... More

The North Face: Red Label

AdamOuch | 09/10/2016 13:13:10

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We may as well not have written a blog post about these guys earlier in the month. This video (see below) says everything we wanted to say, but a hundred times better. It’s pretty evident that Finisterre embody everything that a high quality, customer driven brand should. And even more brilliantly, the locally sourced produce means that.... More

Finisterre: Their Vision

AdamOuch | 29/09/2016 16:20:26

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The north face is often considered the most unbearable and treacherous side of a mountain. Imagine Melania Trump, but colder. Ironically, TNF was dreamt up on confortable Californian beaches. Quite the contrary to what the brand set out to represent.     In the year England won the world cup, and The Beatles.... More

The North Face

AdamOuch | 29/09/2016 12:04:10

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In a year that spawned St. Winifred’s School Choir’s number one Christmas classic, ‘There’s No-one Quite Like Grandma’ –  there was one question on everybody's lips - how could it get any better? Luckily, on the sunny shores of Orange County, a sprightly Shawn Stüssy and his trusty Sharpie, were scribbling his uncles signature onto his hand crafted surfboards..... More


AdamOuch | 19/09/2016 09:59:26

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We know, that was rubbish. It’s not even spelt the same. Our excuse is the long awaited sunshine, that clearly has us overexcited. Usually, those of us who reside on this oh so polite rock are too familiar with its relentless rainfall and cruel seas.     But Finisterre was born from.... More

Finisterre - Fred’s Brother.

AdamOuch | 15/09/2016 17:34:20

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If you’re anything like us, you probably got completely confused at the ending of Interstellar. How is it possible that one man can travel through multiple dimensional boundaries, save our dystopian future from famine and drought, and still look a total geezer? Carhartt, obviously. One IMAX sized silver lining to this blockbuster, is that even in such.... More

Carhartt: Four Dimensional Work Wear

AdamOuch | 09/09/2016 12:33:39

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If you have ever endured climbing up excessively high land, you’ll probably secretly love it. In fact, loads of people do. It then comes as no surprise, that us outdoor types swear by Patagonia. We were taught never to swear, but crikey almighty, this is good stuff.     Lovingly named after a.... More


AdamOuch | 01/09/2016 17:22:48

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If you’re not familiar with Latin calques, or have a natural affinity with historic Greek, you might not know what Deus Ex Machina means. Luckily for you, we know Jerry from Accounts, and we had a little Google before we put pen to paper.   God from the machine   On the surface, Deus.... More

Deus (“day-us”) Ex Machina

AdamOuch | 01/09/2016 14:28:39

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Try to imagine Sandie Shaw wearing a Brian Wilson wig, and cruising on the back of Hasselhoff’s surfboard. It’d be a perfectly hairy, bare-footed masterpiece. The guys and gals at TCSS exude entirely what this perfectly crafted metaphor suggests. Conceived 7 years ago in the back of a VW camper, in a sleepy seaside village on the central coast.... More

TCSS: The Critical Slide Society

AdamOuch | 25/08/2016 17:07:02

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On Monday evening the boys went over to Projekts Skatepark in Manchester for the launch of the new Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV shoe, Which we had loads of and they have already gone…we will have more shortly! There was French snacks and beer and a French boules game. .... More

Adidas Lucas ADV Shoe Launch, Projekts Skatepark

AdamOuch | 22/07/2016 12:40:29

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The legendary pro shoe from Stefan Janoski has been hot rodded with a new gusseted tongue, insole and a redesigned outsole for improved board handling and feel. The lines are clean and they look the dog’s danglies too. The whole affair reminds me of on the Transformers when Megatron turns into Galvatron.

Nike SB Janoski Hyperfeel

AdamOuch | 03/07/2016 15:03:59

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Lucas Premiere ADV @lucaspuig about to hit the streets of Barcelona in his new pro model. The#lucaspremiereadv will be arriving soon. #adidasskateboarding We like these, we like these a lot!

Adidas Skateboarding Lucas Premiere ADV

AdamOuch | 28/06/2016 12:01:17

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Seeing as it was so well received last time Jim and Felix have decided to treat you to another full 5:40 minutes of them ripping up parks from Barrow To Warrington. Enjoy!


AdamOuch | 16/06/2016 12:03:14

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Sunny weather doesn’t happen all that often up here so when it comes we grab it by the horns and, well, you know. Our boys Felix Hughes and Liam ‘Jim’ McMahon took some time down the local outdoor park in Barrow to shred the shit out of the concrete. .... More


AdamOuch | 11/05/2016 16:52:00

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Rearranging the shades in the store for the upcoming sunny weekend (yeah right) and i come across these awesome Glassy Deric sunnies. Seriously digging them, if you buy 2 pairs you can get arty like i did.

Glassy Derics In Red = Rad

AdamOuch | 28/04/2016 17:47:01

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Deus Ex Machina have teamed up with Japan’s own Sketch this season for some unique, classic American inspired pieces. Check out the video below and the products here Deus Ex Machina X Sketch from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

Deus x Sketch ‘Todays Perfect’

AdamOuch | 09/03/2016 17:35:39

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This season we have a new brand from Denmark, Rains provide wet weather protection with a difference and a whole lot of edge. The two jackets we carry are the classic Rains Jacket (pictured) which has a fishermans coat vibe and the Rains Breaker which is a bit more like a traditional.... More

Rains–Modern Danish Design

AdamOuch | 04/03/2016 15:20:28

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Here is a little something to excite you, the Official trailer for Adidas Skateboarding’s first full length skate film entitled Days Away! The film features the Global and International team and will be premiering May 2016…..we cannot wait. In the meantime get this watched, its awesome!

Adidas Skateboarding Away Days Trailer!!

AdamOuch | 01/03/2016 17:38:00

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Welcoming Felix Hughes and Liam ‘Jim’ McMahon, our skaters on the local skate scene, showing you how its done with some shredding at our local turf over the winter months. Who says there is nothing to do in winter?!?!

Felix And Jim Ripping It Up At Urban Extreme!!

AdamOuch | 12/02/2016 13:46:00

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Today the world mourns the loss of Bmx legend Dave Mirra. With his positive outlook towards riding Dave influenced generations of kids to pick up a bike. He held 24 career medals, 14 of which were gold in the X Games which was only beaten in 2013.... More

Dave Mirra, The Miracle Boy 1974 - 2016

AdamOuch | 05/02/2016 10:34:00

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Again this year Asics have released their awesome Gel Lyte III in two new colours as part of a limited edition Valentines Pack. This time we have the red coloured ‘Cupid’ and the black coloured ‘Heart’ models. These shoes are not going to stick around.... More

Asics Gel Lyte III Valentines Pack 2016 Red Cupid Black Heart

AdamOuch | 03/02/2016 10:27:21

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New in for this season we have the Vans Core Skate range, made for shredding bowls and grinding handrails…. ……however they look amazing so if you don’t skate its all good. We have everything from the Half Cab Pro (Pictured) to the Old Skool Pro.... More

Vans Core Skate!

AdamOuch | 29/01/2016 17:16:33

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We have just received these awesome new Adi Ease Premiere’s from Adidas. Based on the Adi Ease Silhouette but with a few tweaks here and there to create something a bit different. These Blue ones are my favourite, however if you aren’t into them they.... More

Adi Ease Premiere, Coming At You This Season

AdamOuch | 26/01/2016 13:34:22

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…On a day off. Rob and Tom left the shop in the capable hands of Charlotte and Edd this Saturday to do a little exploring of Grizedale Forest on their bikes.  

What we get up to…

AdamOuch | 24/01/2016 13:06:48

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This week we have just has a pretty large delivery of Skateboarding hardware and decks so if your set up needs some TLC after the winter then look no further. We have decks and parts from Santa Cruz, Primitive, Spitfire, Bones and Thunder as well as many more. Sort out your board and go skate! Shop All Skateboarding

New Skate Stuff Rolling In!

AdamOuch | 22/01/2016 12:18:08

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1. Take Tonnerro Jacket and Salty Dog Beanie, both from The North Face. 2. For the next step you will need your Salty Dog Beanie, simply take the hat and pull it onto your head. 3. Take said Tonnerro Jacket and pull over ones.... More

A Step By Step Guide On How To Keep Out The Cold

AdamOuch | 13/01/2016 13:24:56

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Now in a new colour for this season these Wallabees from the guys at Clarks Originals are just what you need to compliment your new Polo Shirt and Jeans. Using the same moccasin silhouette that the Wallabee has used since the 1960s combined with a firm Beeswax Leather that looks even better.... More

Beeswax Leather Wallabees…..Awesome!!!

AdamOuch | 12/01/2016 13:26:12

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Here is a picture of me pretending to look at the shoes whilst Chaz takes a picture of this awesome jacket that i look pretty good in. The jacket is Deus Ex Machina’s  new Venice Address Coach Jacket, lightweight and enough to keep you dry and warm in a shower or on a.... More

Deus Ex Machina Venice Address Coach Jacket, Nice!!

AdamOuch | 11/11/2015 16:36:47

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The title of this blog might be completely premature as its only the start of November, however i woke up thinking that it was Christmas day and after the shock and terror of realising that i hadn’t got anyone presents and then the dismay of it not actually being Christmas day and not having any presents to open i decided.... More

Wolverine 1000 mile boot all stocked for Xmas!

AdamOuch | 01/11/2015 14:24:00

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Everybody meet Henry. Henry is the son of one of our good friends and for a one year old he sure has a good taste in hats. His dad brought him in looking for a hat for himself and as soon as Henry spotted this North Face Salty Dog beanie he wanted it..... More

Henry says keep your head warm this season!

AdamOuch | 01/11/2015 13:46:05

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With the huge amounts of waste that we produce every day with everything from coffee cups to plastic bags its nice to see a company that want to make a change and its the little things that build up and make a difference. The 12oz size of the cup is perfect for your.... More

Get the most out of your morning coffee, whilst helping mother nature!

AdamOuch | 19/10/2015 14:22:38

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With the AW15 season comes a full new range of shirts in many different styles and colours. We have thick winter shirts from the likes of Fjallraven , Brixton and Patagonia, casual shirts from Levis Skate, Deus and Edwin and all rounder shirts from Penfield and Carhartt. .... More

Shirts, as far as the eye can see!

AdamOuch | 15/10/2015 16:32:12

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Autumn is by far Edd’s favourite season and that is not because of the nights drawing in or the changing colours on the trees, its the fact that he gets to wear cosy clothing! Here is a picture of him in the early hours of last Sunday morning after a rave sporting his.... More

Edd Loves Knitwear

AdamOuch | 13/10/2015 14:02:36

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New in for this season we have the exciting new range of Clarks Originals! With several models and some very autumnal colours we have something to suit everyone.  Pictured models are the Wallabee Boots and the classic Wallabee. Also pictured.... More

Clarks Originals AW15

AdamOuch | 13/10/2015 12:45:47

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